Laundry Clothesline Systems in Singapore

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Type Of Systems

Magix Systems

Magix Laundry Systems are portable and space saving independent mobile racks that can be stored away with minimal sotrage space when not in use.

Splendour Systems

Splendour Systems are wall mounted systems that can be stowed to save space when the system is not in use.

Excelent Systems

Excelent Systems are ceiling mounted with individually controlled ropes which frees up much needed floor spaces in our ever-shrinking homes.

Practikal System

Practikal Systems are wall mounted systems which enables the user to control 4 poles using a single high quality nylon rope. Practikal Systems are now installed in numerous new development projects islandwide in Singapore as it is affordable, yet practical.

Smart Lift System

The majority of Singaporeans live in high-rise apartments, be it condos or HDBs, Smart Lift can be pushed outdoors to dry clothings in the sun or stowed back when clothings are dried or when it rains. Usage is easy and effortless!

VeriEazy Systems

The mother of all laundry systems, VeriEazy systems requires the least effort to operate as it uses a remote control(similarly to how we use a TV remote nowadays) to lift your laundry up.

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