VeriEazy 316


  • Remote Controlled System just like our television sets
  • Comes with light
  • 4 Extendable poles up to 2.25meters
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Free delivery and installation within 3 working days or later
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Product Feature:

  • Equipped with light
  • Lift up your heavy laundry up and down with ZERO EFFORT!
  • Height of the system is adjustable with a remote control
  • Made of stainless steel, aluminium and plastic
  • Safety cutoff when laundry poles meets an obstacle
  • Suitable for both the elderly and young
  • Long laundry pole to dry more laundry
  • Intuitive remote control design
  • Dedicated hanger slot for user to hang individual clothe

How does VeriEazy ease your lifestyle?

  • In the modern era with shrinking home sizes, VeriEazy reduces the floor space needed to get your laundry done.
  • It is a known fact that hot air rises and cool air falls. VeriEazy ensures that your laundry is as close to the ceiling as possible, ensuring a faster dry!
  • Maximize safety and minimize effort as traditional ways (e.g. using bamboo poles) are heavy and inconvenient.
  • Minimize electricity usage and carbon footprint from the use of dryers
  • Effortless to lift wet and damp laundry, highly suitable for the young or elderly

Delivery and Installation

  • Delivery and installation will be done by our delivery team within 2-3 working days or as requested. We will get in contact with you after your order has been placed to arrange a date/time mutually convenient for both parties
  • Delivery and Installation on Saturdays are possible subjected to availability

Difference between different VeriEazy Systems

  1. VeriEazy 116 – Extendable poles up to 2.24m with lighting
  2. VeriEazy 216 – Fixed 2.4m poles with side hanger hooks and lighting
  3. VeriEazy 218 – Fixed 2.4m poles with side hanger hooks, lighting, UV bacteria sterilizer and blower
  4. VeriEazy 316 – Extendable 2.25m poles with side hanger hooks and lighting
  5. VeriEazy 318 – Extendable 2.25m poles with side hanger hooks, lighting, UV bacteria sterilizer and blower

Additional information


Ceiling Mounted


Wireless Remote Control


4 ( Extendable )


H15 x W51 x L125-225 (cm)

Maximum Load

25 kg




Free Delivery and Installation