Gateman WV40 Series

Gateman WV40 Series is an affordably priced digital lock with 4 color choice for your selection

Available in Silver, Gold, Deep Blue or Black
Register up to 20 RFID tags/stickers/cards
Register 1 Master Password
Register 1 visitor password (optional)
Register 1 one-time password (optional)



Product Feature:

  • Register your favorite 4-10 digit password (main password to be used for unlocking and changing some settings, ie volume, auto/manual lock etc)
  • Register a secondary 4 digit password (secondary password for unlocking lock only)
  • Register a one time 4 digit password (this password can be used to unlock the lock once only before re-registering, ie for weekly helper to enter etc)
  • Register up to 20 RFID Cards
  • Tap RFID card and unlock feature - No additional steps like pressing a button to activate RFID sensor like in older models/other brand's current model
  • Option to add on remote control module ($120) to unlock door without physically walking to the door

Common features of all digital locks sold by us 

  • Auto Lock Function (Can be programmed to lock automatically when door is closed)
  • Built-in burglar and fire alarm (Alarm will go off when there is a fire or when the lock is forced open)
  • Emergency 9V Battery Terminal (When battery is flat, a 9V battery can be used to temporarily power up the lock)

Pricing Includes:

  • Gateman WV40 Digital Lock (Batteries Included)
  • 4pc Gateman RFID Tags
  • Bonus: 5pc Blank RFID Cards
  • Free Delivery & Installation (onto wooden door only)
  • Free Removal of existing lock (if required)

P.s. We do not do installation of this lock onto metal gates as we do not think its secure nor aesthetically pleasing