Magix M1200


Supported by both the ceiling and floor with 4 pivoting points, the magix M1200 can be easily removed when space needs to be freed up. It is also large enough to be used by a large family(4-5pax)

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Premierz Magix M1200 is a large and sturdy 2-tier clothesline rack, designed to mount onto the floor and ceiling for maximum stability. M1200 is ideal for large laundry such as blanket and bed sheet to dry evenly.

The long laundry pole can be further extended to dry more clothing. Additional hanger attached to the support pole allows drying of small laundry.

  • Adjustable support pole to fit room ceiling height.
  • Suitable to install in service yard, balcony and etc.
  • Long laundry pole allowing large laundry to dry evenly.
  • Extendable laundry pole and hangers allow more laundry to dry.
  • High quality material made of stainless steel pole and high-grade plastic.
  • Space-saving design for ease of storage.
  • Providing a tidy and efficient solution to dry large volume of laundry.

Additional information


Independent Mobile Rack


2 ( Extendable )


L200-310 x W37-73 x H200-300 (cm)

Maximum Load

25 kg


Stainless Steel and Plastic


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