Practikal S208


Operation Mode

  • Single pulley system for 4 poles

Key Features

  • Pulley system requires minimal effort


  • 1 Year Warranty

Installation and Delivery

  • Free delivery and installation within 3 working days or later
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Premierz Practikal Series Laundry Systems

Premierz Practikal Laundry Systems are ceiling mounted laundry systems that can be stowed into extremely compact sizes when not in use (with no floorspace needed). It is very space saving and convenient for drying laundry both indoors.

Practikal S208 Laundry System

Practikal S208 is our best selling laundry system at the moment. This is because the system is very easy to use and is extremely affordable as well as it being a full stainless steel system, the system also fits most homes as it can be fitted into most ceilings around the house of your choice (no restrictions of being near the window etc.)

Product Feature

  • 4 long poles (2 meters each)
  • System uses a unique pulley system to lift up laundry to ceiling height.
  • Suitable for both indoor use only
  • Position of individual laundry pole can be adjusted easily by dislodging the pole from the holder.
  • Durable nylon rope to lift laundry poles up simultaneously with ease
  • Maximize safety and minimize effort as traditional ways (e.g. using bamboo poles) are heavy and inconvenient.
  • Effortless to use and easy to keep, highly suitable for the young or elderly
  • Made of high quality aluminum and plastic which makes the system rust-free
  • Effortless to use and easy to keep, highly suitable for the young or elderly
  • Minimize electricity usage and carbon footprint from the use of dryers

Delivery and Installation

  • Delivery and installation will be done by our delivery team within 2-3 working days or as requested. We will get in contact with you after your order has been placed to arrange a date/time mutually convenient for both parties
  • Delivery and Installation on Saturdays are possible subjected to availability

Additional information


Ceiling Mounted


Manual Pulley


4 x 200cm poles (can be shortened)


Width 56cm

Maximum Load

25 kg


Stainless Steel, Powder Coated and Plastics


Free Delivery and Installation

Special Offer!

3 models of ceiling mounted laundry systems on a very special offer starting at $388 including installation!