Splendour 003


Stainless Steel

Height Of Bracket


Width 1

120cm (when poles are retracted)

Width 2

160cm (when poles are extended)

Maximum Load

15 kg


Splendour 003

Splendour 86 is a wall mounted laundry system that can be stowed into extremely compact sizes when not in use with no floorspace required. Poles can be made to be in a staggered position for faster drying.


Swing In/Out Mechanism
Flushed against the wall when not in use, extremely space saving
Depending on installation spot, the poles may be able to be swinged out to the outdoors

Delivery and Installation

Price is inclusive of delivery and installation which will be done by our delivery team within 2-3 working days or as requested. We will get in contact with you after your order has been placed to arrange a date/time mutually convenient for both parties. Delivery and Installation on Saturdays are possible subjected to availability