VeriEazy 319 Heater


Aviation Grade Aluminium


4 Extendable Poles


20cm to 160cm(when lowered)




133cm to 235cm (when fully extended)

Maximum Load

35 kg

$999.00 $799.00

Verieazy 319

Dry your clothes smarter, neater and cheaper with our Verieazy 319 Remote Control System that comes with heater and blower to simulate the sun's heat!


2 inner poles can be brought down to accommodate large laundry pieces (i.e. bedsheets)
2 outer poles have dedicated hanger hooks for hanging laundry using hangers
Equipped with Heater and Blower to aid the drying process

Equipped with LED lighting (bright enough to replace your existing lights)
Height of the system is adjustable with a remote control (stop the system at where you desire
Made of aviation grade aluminium and does not rust
Safety cutoff when laundry poles meets an obstacle

Optional Extras

Top up $30 for removal and disposal of old/existing laundry system
Top up $80 to $120 for false ceiling, high ceiling, or ceilings with fixture that may affect installation (pipes, beams, cupboard, door, lightings etc)

Delivery and Installation

Price is inclusive of delivery and installation which will be done by our delivery team within 3 working days (weekdays) or as requested. We will get in contact with you after your order has been placed to arrange a date/time mutually convenient for both parties. Delivery and Installation on Saturdays are possible subjected to availability/wait times due to demand (up to 4 weekends later)